Jordan Page

The Book of Life

by Jordan Page

Released 2005
Released 2005
Intense Acoustic Rock from a Singer/Songwriter with driving rhythms, beautiful guitar work, and a powerful baritone voice.
JORDAN PAGE's highly anticipated new album THE BOOK OF LIFE is HERE!!! The new CD celebrates 10 powerful and intimate songs, each with its own character and unique message. With stellar accompaniment of bass and drums by some of Seattle's finest session players, the new album is a true showcase of Jordan's talents as a guitar player and singer/songwriter.

From the haunting soundscape of Presence, to the upbeat and poetic love song Evergreen, to the hard rock of Dancing Waves, Jordan embraces his album concept by portraying chapters of his own life through diverse emotional songs that tell an overall story. Jordan Page brings his eye-opening blend of lyrical sensitivity and vocal emotion to his musical explorations that delve into the powerhouse rock reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and STP, to the gentle musings of John Denver and Bob Dylan. Blending rich vocal harmonies in songs like The Stone and Million Tons of Rain, with intricate and melodic guitar work, Jordan Page has collected an incredible group of songs which truly encapsulates his own sound. THE BOOK OF LIFE - a spiritual journey of autobiographical, intimate, prophetic, and hopeful songs and stories that embrace central themes in life to which every listener can relate.

Singer/Songwriters are distinguished by their ability to paint pictures with words and tell stories with music.
Jordan Page is a new breed of singer/songwriter, exhibiting strength and passion through his powerful baritone vocals while exploring all the sounds an acoustic guitar can make.

Jordan's music has been described as progressive acoustic machine gun spirit rock, and it lives up to the designation. This acoustic "Folk Metal" brings together the beauty of classical guitar, the upbeat acoustic rhythmic styles like that of John Mayer and Dave Matthews, and the machine gun energy of Metallica. His songs range in styles from hard rock to alternative to gospelesque down-home roots.

Jordan's life has given him a lot to write about. After having lived in post-apartheid South Africa, teaching AIDS education to at-risk teens in Seattle, riding ostriches, skydiving, volunteering with Americorps, and searching the cosmos for spiritual truth, Jordan shares his countless experiences with his audiences and uses his talent to raise awareness of global humanitarian issues.

He continues to entertain and captivate audiences while promoting his forthcoming release, The Book of Life (July 2005). Jordan Page is an artist committed to his craft and to his fans. In addition to radio spots and college appearances, he showcased at the MECA Music Conference in Chicago, 2004.
Jordan Page is based in Annapolis, MD and has performed live at colleges, theatres, and many music venues.