Jordan Page

Revolution EP

by Jordan Page

Released 2008
Released 2008
Jordan Page fuses raw songwriting emotion with an impassioned sense of social justice. As a young singer/songwriter, poet, and activist who is gaining national political momentum, Page is inspiring a movement of awareness, unity, & action.
"this is real music... today's music seems to be over-produced and very formulaic.. not the case with Jordan"
- Billy Zero, XM Radio Unsigned

"His brand of acoustic rock--a mixture of Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam, among other influences--is a powerful call-to-arms against injustice and war. "I will not submit to authority of man/ I'm alive I'm awake," Page announces on the percussion-driven "Listen." "Song for Bob" is an acoustic plea for peace dedicated to Dylan. With things going the way they are now, Page's message of justice and peace needs to be heard." Travis Mamone, Dude You Gotta Hear This!

"Yesterday I knew the world was spinning toward the end, but today I see the wasteland and its too late to pretend." Powerful words from a captivating song, Jordan Page’s call to action, "Listen," reflects the changing times of our world plagued by war, and the devastation and suffering it causes. Page is a young poet, singer/songwriter, guitarist, political activist, and social commentator. His songs call attention to issues most people would choose to ignore because of their overwhelming nature. With western culture so bombarded and enveloped by mass media and entertainment, Page’s solution is to use music to break through the apathy and isolation these influences cause.

Over the past year Jordan Page has been inspired to use his musical talents as a vehicle for social change and has been writing and releasing songs that draw attention to the corruption, suffering, and disillusionment present in our societies. Through these recordings he has become affiliated with a number of U.S. based advocacy groups including The Future of Music Coalition, the Free Press, Restore the Republic, and The Progressive, all outlets who are fighting for civil liberties and change in foreign policy.

The quality of the music and message in his songs has recently brought him a great deal of attention, having received worldwide play on XM Radio and other regional stations over the past year. As one of the only independent artists played in rotation through this media outlet, Jordan has begun developing a national and international following allowing him to spread his message to those who are unknowledgeable or too afraid to speak out themselves. He is performing tirelessly to promote a message of peace and awareness in uncertain times, and is selling out concert venues in the mid-Atlantic region.